Matt Foxclaw (Inworldz)

Matt Foxclaw has been in Inworldz for a year and a half but has been auctioneering on Secondlife for over 4 years. Auctioneering is his passion and enjoys bringing a fun and different approach to auctions and is always ready for a laugh!


Kels Foxclaw (Inworldz)  

Kels Foxclaw has been an auctioneer for several years starting in SL and moving to IW where along with her partner they took their successful sales yard and auction house to inworldz and made a new home. Kels brings a typically british style of auctioneering with a stiff upper lip and a cup of tea on hand. Check out her dulcet tones at one of her auctions.


Luna Stormfeather (Inworldz) 

Luna Stormfeather arrived in InWorldz from Second Life six years ago. She has been a magazine publisher, club host and club manager before finding oYo Breedables. Although fairly new to breeding, she has become an avid fan and enjoys auctioneering.


Katia Boucher  (SL)

 Katia Boucher arrived from SL with 9 years experience there, 4 of which breeding Meeroos. She is involved with GOT roleplay and owns oYo GOT Stables and Auction House. She has been auctioneering for some months and would be happy to host your oYo.


Rowdy Reese (Inworldz)

 Rowdy Reese is a true country boy that has been inWorldz for 4 years and counting.  He loves horses in both worlds and really enjoys breeding them.  He enjoys building, remodeling his sim, going to auctions and basically anything involving oYo Breedables.  He enjoys spending time with his real life wife, Ritzy Reese and their children.  Don't be afraid to say hello.  I don't bite.  


Ritzy Reese (Inworldz)

Ritzy Reese comes from Second Life with 12 years of grid experience.  She loves to build and work on her store. She enjoys her breedables from oYo and spending time with her real life husband Rowdy Reese and her Granddaughter Zoey.  She really likes learning new things and meeting new and interesting people. Please come pay us a visit at Iron Horse Ranch and say Hi.  I love making new friends.



Aurora Grayson (Inworldz)

 I have been in IW for almost three years started with Oyo when they first hit the grid.

After a hiatias due to real life I'm back doing oyo breedables again !

Co Owner of Grayson's Stables and Breedables along with rl hubby Trace Grayson.


Club manager and dj 

Nissa O (SL)

Nissa has been breeding in SL for 7 years and has an extensive knowledge of breedables.  She is currently an auctioneer both in SL and IW.  Her knowledge of horses in her real life is an asset to OYO and most of those around her.  She enjoys breeding several of the OYO critters, but horses are her passion!!!!